Frequently Asked Questions

Maybe you have wondered about some of these trade secrets.
  1. Project manager vs General Contractor - What is the difference?
    • Both of these jobs are different, but in residential construction these jobs are often performed by the same person, which is part of the confusion.
    • The short answer is that:
      • the project manager liases with the designer, you the client, and engineers (and any others needed) in the planning and executing of your project. They are responsible for making sure your needs and expectations as a client, are understood and met with respect to planning and budgeting as well as oversight and responsibility.
      • the general contractor coordinates the physical construction, the scheduling, trades and subtrades as well as ordering and managing of materials. They are typically the on site problem solver and on some jobs they do some aspects of the work.
    • You should trust them and be in regular contact with them, they are working for you.
  2. Does the Alberta Home Warranty Program protect my home investment?
    • A home warranty program in Alberta is a form of insurance that every builder must carry by law and each home that they build must be enrolled or registered.
    • There is limited liability for both the builder and the Warranty provider which also means that there is a limited protection for you the home owner. It is best to carefully read and understand what is and what is not covered. Most Warranties offer about the same amount of limited protection.
    • It is better to choose a reputable builder rather than to depend on a home warranty program to compensate you or to protect you from any future deficiencies.
    • Most reputable builders provide their own rigourous warranty as well as the required home warranty program, ask them about their own warranty.
  3. Aren't all new homes inspected? - doesn't that mean they are all built to the same standard?
    • The short answer is no. Yes, they are all inspected but no, they are not all built equally.
    • Inspections look for minimum standards not best practice.
    • Alberta has it's own building code and it does require a builder to have a Builder License, but it does not require any trade certifications to qualify.
    • The Alberta Home Warranty Program has been implemented to protect consumers rather than to require trades qualifications in residential construction.

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