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The Cost of Renovations (pandemic response)

Yesterday afternoon I had a chat with Doug Dirks on CBC Homestretch about the increasing costs of Home Renovations due to the disruption of supply chains due to Covid.

Although almost all materials used in renovations are costing more, the paint, wood, through to the copper wire, it is still a good time to make changes around your house.

With the anticipated economic recovery (post covid) at home and abroad, no one is expecting the prices to go back down.

But it is important to make a plan with a trusted company to help you make sure that you know what those costs might be.

The invigorated demand for home renovations has been a result of so many of us spending more time at home, and more time together at home.

Durango Developments we have been busy helping families improve their homes even through Covid, with added safety measures and planning.

Whether you need:
  • A home office space for work or for school.
  • To upgrade your kitchen now that you are cooking more.
  • To develop your basement so there is more room for everyone.

Clever design and qualified trades can help you get the most out of your home without having to move.

Working together as a team, our journey certified trades are experts, and leaders in their fields. We can help you find the best innovative solutions to any of the changes that you want to make.

Maybe you want to improve the:
  • Functionality of your home- work/ study niches, hobby spots.
  • Energy efficiency- with solar, windows and doors.
  • Aesthetic- beautiful, inviting spaces
  • Entertainment/ home automation/ sound

As with any other time, but especially when residential renovations are busy, it is even more important that you find a company to work with who you trust.

We are licensed and insured,
A+ members at the BBB and warranty all of our work. For 20+ years we have been building in the Calgary community.

There is no limit to the ideas we can build!
Contact us and we can start discussing your ideas.

Is it time to build your home office?

Have you been working off of your kitchen or dining room table for most of the last 3 months?

There are a lot of companies are planning on having people continue to work from home.

Is it time to consider dedicating some space in your home for work space? Maybe you already have a home office but you now need two offices? Or some study space for the kids? A space that is organized, feels good and that helps you feel like you want to get things done in.


Why not renovate a spare bedroom into a great office? Hide the bed in a custom wall bed so it is out of the way until you need it. Bring what you need into the room to make it a work space that fosters productivity. With a little customization it could feel more like a work space than a spare room. A place where you go and know it’s work time, but when you leave you don’t have to think about it.


What do you need in a home office?

  1. Of course you need a desk. Do you need room for a laptop or a desk top, drawing table? Would you like to be able to stand up and sit down?
  2. A comfy chair to get you through those video meetings!
  3. Printer/scanner object location?
  4. Good lighting - nothing worse that hunching over a dining table on a hard chair squinting at your work.
  5. Internet, what about sound?
  6. What do you need for storage? Files, a safe or fire box?


We can custom build the home office configuration that will work best for you and your job and your stuff.

Changing your wall colour in your home office can help your space feel distinct from the rest of your home.
4 Colors That can give you an unexpected productivity boost.

  • Red: Physical. Red is a stimulating colour that gets your heart pumping and raises your pulse. ...
  • Blue: Intellectual. Blue is a soothing colour, helping calm the mind and aid concentration. ...
  • Yellow: Emotional. Yellow is energizing and radiates positivity. ...
  • Green: Balance.

Maybe you don’t have a separate room but you have a little wall space for a floating desk or a neat little nook and nothing that you can buy in a box quite works? A customized desk can help to get you as much space as possible for you to take advantage of. Your home office doesn’t have to take a lot of space but it would be nice to have a designated spot to focus and get your work done.

Want the spare bedroom to feel like a great office rather than a hotel room? You are a 'pro' make your work space feel professional. You might be surprised at how a great work space will make you feel and be better.

The possibilities are endless. And home offices can be improved greatly by customizing the space to your particular needs. Using under-utilized nooks or spots in your home that seem hard to use because nothing standard has ever fit in there- the answer is to customize!


Let's get your HOME OFFICE working for you!

Contact Us to start talking about your ideas.

Renovations in Trying Times.

Making the Most of the Space You Have

In Calgary we have had some trying times. With the economic down turn and now a global pandemic, our community is ready for some new ideas!

I have noticed that after our collective gasp a lot of folks are realizing that the real estate market is not enticing them into making any big moves, but they are realizing that their homes do need some improvement.

Renovating your space can help bring some new energy into your home.

Clever customized design and innovative products can help revitalize your space and let you have more room than perhaps maybe you thought was possible. It could be simply shifting things around or maybe some new ideas.

Renovating your kitchen gives you the opportunity to use modern space saving ideas and organizers, more efficient or quieter appliances, storage solutions for your favourite dishes, new colours…really the possibilities are almost endless.

With smaller kitchens it is so important to capitalize on multifunctional gadgets and space efficient appliances as well as custom sized cabinets to get the most out of every inch. Part of making a small kitchen work is being able to maintain adequate and normal width aisles and counter landing pads. Overcrowding small spaces makes it feel cramped and ineffiecient. Make the most of what you have without trying to force in too many things makes the space that you do have work well.

It is important to get the clutter out of your small kitchen. Your kitchen counter is not an ideal charging station or a good place for your mail or your sound system. Making room for these common kitchen clutterers in another room in the house is often part of a kitchen renovation.

Some of my questions in our first meeting will be "what is not working in this space?", "what do you like?", and " what can you not live without?". Oh, and I usually ask if you like to bake, because I like to eat home made baking Winking

I am sure we can improve your space.
Contact us to find out how.

New Bathrooms, new kitchens, remodel your basement, walk-in closets, custom built in furniture, take out some walls at Durango Developments we do it all.

How time flies...custom house to home

We have been living in the house and enjoying the view, for six months. Lately we have tested it with a lingering Polar Vortex. The fireplace has been nice to have.
photo  7
But frankly, it is during these cold snaps that a homeowner realizes the impact that their decisions concerning energy efficient building products like insulation, windows, doors and other infrastructure come to roost. With so many considerations and choices that people have when building a custom house, it is easy to undervalue the impact of energy efficient products, along with their added costs, at the planning stages.
photo  8
Perhaps we use misleading terminology when we talk about energy efficiency, because what it really amounts to is COMFORT. An efficient house is more comfortable in the cold (and heat of summer, though that seems very far away at the moment).
photo 8
The finished product always comes with some surprises, even after building a custom house from the ground up and I know every square inch. But houses come alive when people move into the space. Even the first scratches and dings are part of this transformation.
photo 9
It is the people, kids and pets that makes the house start to have a feeling or an energy, and that is when we can experience the home rather than just the house.
Send us a note at Durango Developments Ltd. and find out how we can help you build your custom dream home, or modify your existing home into the perfect spot to stay.


Finishing touches...but there are a lot of them

One of my favourite things about my job is how my work changes as the project progresses. It starts out rough with footings and foundation.
The framing feels more comfortable with even floors to walk on, although it's heavy.
Then the trades move in and it is problem solving and anticipating future uses. When it is time for finishing it is fun because everything comes flat and as we cut it up and put it in place it becomes a home not just a frame.
Hanging doors, casing windows and doors, hardwood installation, architectural details and cabinets start and more careful measurements and touch is required. Each aspect of the project is so important because it leads to the next. Soon enough the place takes shape.
photo 6
We've been building for 8 months almost to the day. The painter has been though making his mess with his sprayer. Fireplace has rock on it, rooms have taken shape. I am ready to prep for tiling and soon some tiles will be set.
Contact us to start planning your improvements!

Finally...my overdue overview

Where are we at?
Construction Photo 2401.JPG Construction Photo 2428.JPG Construction Photo 2452.JPG Construction Photo 2683_1.JPG
The house has been going very well. After a summer of building, framing, digging, grading, retaining, roofing, prepping, installing, insulation and dry walling among other things, the custom built house in Montgomery is taking shape.
It's hard for me to believe in my last update I was talking about the gorgeous spring that we had. Although our progress has been great we did have some hiccups; with an unusually wet summer, and Hardy, who worked with me for more than a decade, decided to change careers which was a big blow and then, even more rain.

At last report we were just about to start framing the second floor. We did get to the second floor, the roof and windows and doors. The exterior finish of EIFS stucco and Board and Batten siding is about ½ way done at this point.
We decided to have Beyond Foam insulate the house with BASF’s Walltite Eco® a revolutionary spray foam insulation. BASF utilizes recycled materials as well as renewable resources to make the first 2lb spray foam to be given the EcoLogo® and it is purple.

At Durango Developments we feel that durable and energy efficient homes are extremely important especially with Calgary's climate.
photo _ac1
Using high efficiency furnaces, appliances, ICF foundation walls, spray foam insulation and triple pane low E windows throughout will all help keep the warmth in during the winter months and help the house stay cool in the summer. Keeping the weather outside with these and other eco products and materials also help the structure of the house by not allowing air, which carries moisture, through the walls. Moisture issues are becoming quite common building problems due to air moving through walls and preventing this helps stop moulds and other moisture issues from occurring.
We are weather tight and warm with temporary heat. We do not use our new furnaces to heat the house until closer to completion so as not to prematurely age and/or damage the new equipment. The drywallers have been busy boarding and now they are doing the finishing touches with their mudslinging and tape.
photo 2 IMG_2689.JPG photo 3
We are getting ready for the winter by completing some of the retaining walls and garage. After the weeks end we should have the garage framed and be back inside to start the finishing!

Give us a call to start planning your new custom project. We can make your current home better or start on a fresh set of plans...