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GC, Sparky or Tin Basher… what the heck is that?!?

Here are some common construction and design terms.

  • GC- General Contractor - this is the person who hires, manages, supervises and is responsible for all the people and trades working on your project. In residential construction often the GC and Project Manager are the same person.
  • Sparky - otherwise known as an Electrical Contractor, the subcontractor who installs the electrical, data, phone and automation features in your home.
  • Boutique builder - a builder focused on building high quality custom homes and renovations rather than the number of homes built. Each house or job is unique.
  • McMansion - extremely large home.
  • “Trending to the out of date” - a polite way of saying ugly
  • Journey Certified or Journeyman - a journey-certified tradesperson is someone who has completed 2-4 years of training, depending on their field. They could be a Journey Certified Carpenter, Electrician, Plumber… The Red Seal Journey Certification is a national qualification.
  • Tin Basher - HVAC- Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning contractor who helps makes your home energy efficient and comfortable all year long.
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