Creating your dream home involves a lot of work. But it shouldn’t be as complicated as a moon landing. The main objective is to create the space you want and need.

Here are our 7 straightforward steps:

First meeting – This is where we discuss fit, discovery and scope: What are your hopes and needs? We discuss our qualifications, and the general cost of the scope is described.
I provide a ballpark budget: based on the scope talked about in the first meeting, a realistic general budget document is sent. The budget includes whether you need a design partner, what kinds of sub-trades (plumbing, HVAC, etc.) are used.
Second meeting: We discuss the budget document & billing in more detail; deciding the fit, process and how to move forward. We will fine-tune the budget based on your actual selections.

We sign the contract. And the fun begins.

We get to work creating your dream home…(did we mention that we clean up after ourselves? Your space is clean of construction debris at the end of every day.)

Regularly scheduled catch-ups: Depending on your schedule, we hold regular not-so-formal meetings to discuss what’s coming up, budget, homework, decisions to be made, what to expect in the coming week.

Move-in and put your feet up. You deserve it!

Throw open the doors and invite the neighbourhood to a party.

Or not, you don’t really want messy footprints in your brand new house, do you?

There are so many possibilities for remodeling or building your home, let us help you fine-tune your ideas and build on them.

Follow your dream, home.
Contact us to discuss your renovation project.